As an exercise I sometimes take screenshots of indie games that are in delevopment and try to imagine being the composer of a title that inspires me much. Thus, I make some sort of Composing Jam. I try working which a restricted time schedule of two ours and get a result that captures the atmosphere of the game. This is big fun, I can tell :)



Music from various projects.

Wenn ein garten wächst (2014)

The documentary was awarded the best film score by the festival "NaturVision" in Ludwigsburg, Germany. You'll find more information on the production of the music on the website of the film: Ines, the director, and I had a great time and I'm grateful that I was asked for this project.:)



This is an EP with some pieces I wrote for instruments + sound design. Pieces that would fit to a nordic winter surrounding. Enjoy!

3 pieces for prepared piano (2013)

This is a composition I made for my final exmans. I had the goal to write a composition for prepared piano that is playable live and without the need to take hours of preparation beforehand. Preparing a piano means to pluck objects like screws between the strings of a grand piano in order to produce strange and eerie sounds.