UNI KIMS (2017)

Some electronic corporate music for the management school of the University of Kassel. Comissioned by RAUM 230, Kassel.


MNemonia (2017)

A music/sound collage for the abstract short film by Eva Hoffmann (KHM Köln).



Watch this amazing animated short by Dennis Stein-Schomburg.


SHE REMEMBERED CATERPILLARS (2017) - Musical Highlights

Some highlights from my ambient soundtrack for the puzzle game "She Remembered Caterpillars". You can get the complete soundtrack here.


INSIDE (RESCORE Version) (2016)

During my film scoring studies in Freiburg I took this fantastic movie from Mattis Dovier and wrote a new soundtrack for it. In the original score, there is a speaker and very minimal electronic music by the great artist "Mondkopf" (Paul Régimbeau). Check out their stunning work!

Published on my website with permission from Mattis Dovier.


RAUM 230 - Trailer (2016)

I was asked to compose the music for the showreel of some friends working at the animation studio "Raum 230".


FAVORIT (Animated Short, 2016)

A funny animated short directed by Olga Gelwer

Re-recorded music version (2017).



My re-score for the first animated short I ever composed music for. Recorded 2017 during a live concert.


The Cat and its Artist (animated short, 2015)



MAking of "Wenn ein garten wächst" (2014)

A piece of music from the soundtrack I wrote for the documentary "Plant, Pick & Eat it" by Ines Reinisch. Ines filmed the recordings and put it together in a lovely movie. The documentary was awarded a prize for the best film score in a documentary by the festival "NaturVision" in Ludwigsburg. You'll find more information about the movie on www.wenneingartenwaechst.de.


DER HENKER (animated short, 2012)



PAPA (animated short, 2011)

"What does "Father" actually mean to us? Is he a mountain facing us? Is he our spiritual support? Or does he cast a shadow upon us?"


Elysium (Animated short, 2010)